Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My secret trail

When you take a down a secret path, through the enchanted forest, you come across a cat washing station. No wait... That was planned to be a rock table painted with a checkerboard design. You know .. Just in case you get board on the way to the garden

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Light as a feather

The scarf I painted using the Itajime technique needed a little something else. So I added another dimension another experiment. I love the feel of silk. I love the movement of silk. I love the way a thin floaty layer can warm me so wonderfully. I love the way the colour swims into the silk. Oh gosh, I am in trouble.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Mother of invention.

Here is a silk scarf clamped and dyed Itajime style. Usually a piece of silk is folded and clamped between two pieces of wood. Then immersed in dye. I didn't have any wood handy. I used two ceramic tiles and a few lightweight clamps that I use for hanging heavier items on the clothesline. Also I used heat set paint instead of dye. I can barely wait for the sun to do its job so I can see the result.

My colourful weekend

This last weekend was spent at a art retreat in the mountains. I stayed overnight at a simple B&B in a quiet, remote community. The hostess a warm and friendly artist, and her home was filled with her vibrant silk art. After starting out the morning with an amazing breakfast we had a little time to ourselves and then we started to create. Two days of playing with silk and colour! We came away with three lovely pieces that were a combination of shibori and direct painting techniques. I was fascinated by the way the silk feels. I just couldn't help rubbing it against my skin. I think I may have fallen in love ... Again!