Friday, March 30, 2012

Pink Rain

I havn't been making art for a week or so. I had stalled a couple of weeks ago because I had run out of paper and was waiting for my order to come in. Order came as well as a couple of new colours of ink.
I had the day to myself and thought I would dig out the stuff. I did quite a few prints... varying degrees of success , but this is one that I kinda liked. I am LOVING gelatin mono type printing. It is definitely the direction I am going for my show in October. I think I will look into a etsy site or some other online source to market these prints.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Too Dark To See The Light.

I was shooting northern lights last night, so in an effort to gather as much light as possible. long exposure..wide open apeture .. and ISO as high as it would go. Tripod, for a change. The sight of this red cloud took my breath away. I noticed it when checking my photos in camera.. and then I started to really  look and could see a slight blush on the cloud with the naked eye. I wonder how many times the night sky is full of colour and we , with our only human eyes, just cant take it in. I feel so lucky.
I am thinking I should go to bed. Okay I will but just one more peek outside... just in case I'm missing something.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Around the bend

I have been on a steep learning curve lately. I finally updated my old flip phone for a shiny new IPhone. I was seduced by all the great photos I have been seeing around the web taken with the 8 mega pixel sweet camera and edited with the easy peasy apps. Learning is hard... but so much fun.
 This week it's back to projects. I have the weeks all labeled so I am going to continue on to Week13 even though technically I don't have that many projects done .. wish me luck and I will post the results near the end of the week.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Project 8

Project 8 was to have some cards made up. That stalled. I didnt get callbacks from the companies I called. I still worked on art though. The gelatin printing is still going on at my house. I am loving the results. I hope to have enough pieces to fill my solo show with JUST monotypes. If I am able to do that.. I am thinking of calling it.     "One of One".